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Litera Meat

Purever supplied over 80.000 m² of insulating panel for Grupo Pini's largest slaughterhouse in Spain

Binefar (Huesca), Spain / 2018 - 2019

Litera Meat will be the largest and most modern slaughterhouse in Spain, with facilities that exceed 60,000 m².

Purever Coldkit Spain supplied around 81,200 m² of Isothermic Panels “FrigoPAP GIC” with an insulation in PIR Bs1d0 FM+. The chosen finish was Granite HDX 0.6 on smooth lacquered metal sheets.

Litera Meat is part of the Pini Group, that in addition to Spain has production centers in Italy, Hungary and Poland. Currently, the Pini Group pig slaughterhouses process around 6.5 million pigs per year for Europe.

Litera Meat
Business Unit Food Chain & Logistics
Brands Purever Industries
Area More than 60.000 m²
Services Supply

81.200 m² Panel Frigopap GIC PIR Bs1d0 FM+


Purever Coldkit España

Location Binefar (Huesca), Spain

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