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We protect the most critical spaces through certified clean rooms and customized building systems. Supplying controlled environments solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, research, high-tech industries, hospitals and laboratories, as well as all spaces requiring controlled environments to prevent microbiological, particle and molecular contamination.

Purever manufactures a wide range of premium solutions and has extensive experience in the design, production, and delivery of all type of projects and turnkey installations. LabScience, a Purever company, offers relevant know-how from project execution to the certification of plants.

Featuring a modular constructive system, fully adaptable and highly flexible, we guarantee certified environments that facilitate maintenance and ensure durability through our leading brand Dagard.

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Biotech and Pharmaceutical
Designed to meet and observe the most demanding conditions required by various industries. Featuring airtight envelopes to prevent contamination and facilitate the maintenance and cleaning of spaces. All of our materials are GMP compliant, and meet the standards required to obtain the ISO 14644 certification.
Hospital and Laboratories
Protected ambiences set up to offer the cleanest conditions and safeguard the wellbeing and safety of personnel and patients. We enable the building of operating theatres, intensive care units, recovery rooms, sterile environments, laboratories and a range of different applications. All designed to deliver comfort for patients, ensure the most hygienic environment, offer smart amenities for staff and facilitate the pairing of the spaces with IT solutions.
Biosafety and Biocontainment Laboratories
Premium enclosure solutions responding specifically to the four levels of biocontainment (Biosafety Levels “BSL” 1, 2, 3, and 4). The airtight construction withstands negative pressure with suitable sealable materials that allow gaseous decontamination and have seamless, antibacterial, antifungal and chemical resistant finishes. Complemented with airtight panels, flush windows and doors.
The realization of several BSL4 has provided us with a significant experience in this area, offering decontamination and air tightness solutions (minimal leaks in accordance with specifications under a pressure of -200 Pa).
Controlled environments built in accordance with GMP architecture. Our cleanrooms guarantee compliance with specific industry standards, ensure proper HVAC control and, prevent various contamination risks.

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