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Life at Purever

Our success is a reflection of our people. We encourage collaboration, along with diversity and an open environment. A shared culture built around expertise, dedication and passion. We promote ethical values throughout our work and in society.

A hub for collaboration

We believe in the power of teamwork and support spaces where everyone has the chance to express and participate in the development of new ideas and projects.

A dynamic environment

We evolve by staying open to new challenges. Across our factories, offices and sites we foster innovation and offer stimulating opportunities.

A comprehensive approach

We understand modern life is demanding. By supporting a balanced lifestyle, we promote a sense of belonging and well-being. And contribute to local community work and social initiatives.

An opportunity for growth

We support the personal and professional progress of all of our employees. Providing on-going initiatives that enable everyone to reach their fullest potential.

Purever Academy

Training, personal development and certification are key elements of the Purever culture. That’s why we have created the Purever Academy, to exchange knowledge and learn from each other. The program brings together different members of society to share their expertise and support the training of young people on technical skills. We understand that investing in people is key to our success.

Is it you?

We are constantly looking for talented people. Share with us your CV and learn about Purever’s work opportunities.


Installation Technicians / Worldwide

Project engineers / France

Logistics experts / France

Sales representatives / Worldwide

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We bring together people from all fields and backgrounds, building a global family that succeeds and grows in unison. 
Explore the stories of Life at Purever.

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“With the proper processes and people in place, distance means nothing - we are truly a global company ready to grow in any market.”

Conrad Walker, Director of Operations at Dagard USA

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“In order to do outstanding work, you need to stay motivated and give your best every day.”

Guadalupe Parro, Head of Commercial Department (Agro business) at Purever Coldkit España

Fabien Emery image

“Know-how is crucial to our line of work. I want to be able to share with younger talent, what I was taught when I joined Dagard.”

Fabien Emery, Production Officer & Volunteer Firefighter at Dagard

Jacky Bignet image

“Say what you do and do what you say, that has always been my motto.”

Jacky Bignet, Production Area Manager at Dagard, France

Ana Sofia Gonçalves image

“A place for constant learning and development.”

Ana Sofia Gonçalves, Commercial Service Cleanrooms at Purever Industrial Solutions, Portugal

João Correia image

“Technology is providing tools for people to work. Excellence is bringing people together.”

João Correia, IT Specialist at Purever Industrial Solutions, Portugal

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