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We enable the development of the latest technological advances and support a diverse range of high-tech industries by offering our experience in top of the line solutions.

With expert know-how and capacity to address different demands, we supply solutions that comply with risk management procedures and guarantee the highest results for the most complex manufacturing processes. Leading companies from the aerospace, automotive, plastic injection, nuclear, nanotechnology and electronics industry, and others, trust us to deliver customized controlled environments.

From electromagnetic compatibility, fire and seismic risk protection, acoustic insulation to hygrometric control - we offer industry specific solutions and deliver the most rigorous standards.

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Nanotechnology, Semiconductors and Electronics
Strictly monitored cleanrooms are a must when it comes to the handling of small electronic particles, nanochips and other key data storing pieces that are present in almost every technological device. Our partition systems (panel thickness of 40mm < 2 inches) are compatible with all structures, such as technical floors, and allow a perfect fitting of a HVAC ceiling system composed of FFUs to guarantee a controlled and perfect air downflow. Specifically designed to support activities within the industry, our modular panels with aluminum-profile are optimal for its dissipative electrical properties, while allowing an easy assembly and dismantling according to different project layouts. The panels are coated with conductive, antistatic dissipative and chemically resistant finishes.
Rooms are ISO14644 classified according to manufacturing process’ requirements.
Data Centers
Manufactured to resist shock, scratching, and corrosion of surfaces, all construction elements are prepared for easy assembly and dismantling, in order to adapt to the evolutivity of the data rooms. Specifically designed to support activities within the industry, our Honeycomb modular panel with aluminum-profile is optimal for its dissipative electrical properties.
Featuring fireproof construction elements and special security details, such as security access doors with control systems (digital fingerprint lecture, eye scans), reinforced doors, and additional access gates.
Lithium Batteries – Dry rooms
Integrated “Dry room” installations with special joints for high airtightness, fuse and fire rated systems, designed for the manufacturing of ion batteries and power semi-conductors.
In Dry Rooms the air moisture is reduced in order to minimize lithium’s reactive nature when being handled. Specific requirements for these rooms are ISO 14644 Class certification according to requirements with below 1–10% Relative Humidity and a Dew Point of -40° to -50° Fahrenheit.
Large Scale Painting Booths
Building system to facilitate the construction of big factory halls (largest project was 22m height / 80m wide and 95m deep for the painting of airplanes without any additional static support pillars). Reinforced by airtight joints between panels with special finishes that prevent particle emission and are compliant with electromagnetic specifications.
Aerospace and Automotive
Solutions developed specifically to prevent any type of contamination in order to protect the tiniest pieces employed by airplanes, helicopters and any vehicle. Airtight seals along with sterile areas for complete production accuracy. Aerospace industry requires large scale cleanrooms of up to 30-meter height.
Optimal environments with both temperature and humidity control in order to ensure the best conditions for the creation and handling of lenses, optics and cameras. Protecting rooms from floating particles and preventing any type of contamination that could dirty the pieces.

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