Purever’s Strategy


Purever’s strategy is to become a significant European Group in southern countries, using a common industrial base in the manufacture and supply of professional equipment, as well as services for a wide range of markets.

Organic growth orientation throughout cross-sell existing product lines in new markets and a reinforced R&D effort to launch volume selling new products, completing the mapping of our offer to key markets.

Selective acquisitions to cross map and reinforce our presence in strategic market segments.

Purever focuses on the development and recognition of its most important brands within the market:

  • COLDKIT: in the hotel industry (hotels and restaurants, institutions, hotel business and trade, supermarkets, food franchising, etc.)
  • PORTISO: the manufacture of isothermal doors for the insulation industry of agro-food
  • PUREVER TECH: within the sector of white rooms.

The main goal of Grupo Purever companies is to become well-renowned brands, recognized for the quality of its products and services, as well as a strategy that is aimed at generating value for our clients.

Purever’s companies respect and values passion for excellence among its workers, respecting environment, good practices, innovation, change and collaboration.

Purever’s strategy aims long-term growth both in revenues and results, assuring its shareholders a high return on investment.