Modular Building

In the construction sector, Purever Industries has over 20 years of experience in researching new building materials and methods focusing on those more efficient, sustainable and which represent real savings, not only economic, but also of time and energy.

Purever Industries introduces Pureblok, an innovative system of modular building technology.
With Pureblok, our clients will be able to generate versatile solutions for different sectors in the market, such as:

  • Social housing
  • High standing housing
  • Schools and educational centres
  • Hospitals and health centres
  • Shops, restaurants, petrol stations (gas pumps)
  • Offices
  • Industries and supermarkets
  • Foundations


Purever has considerable production capacity to undertake sizeable projects, from small high-end housing development to large social housing projects.

Pureblok technology has been already certified in many countries like Spain, France and many countries across South America and Africa.

The advantages of Pureblok modular bulding system are clear when compared to other systems:

  • Its high efficiency favors the reduction of energy consumption (both for hot and cold temperatures) and therefore the maintenance costs are lower;
  • This system (both with selfsupporting construction of individual houses or construction with steel structures for buildings in height) is the most appropriate solution in areas of seismic activity, as houses built with Pureblok´s technology can resist earthquakes up to 8 degress Richter;
  • Does not require skilled labor and therefore the construction time is shorter;
  • Has a higher fire resistance, a higher sound insulation and it is resistant to moisture and mildew.

Pureblok’s modules and components are designed and manufactured to last, with a specific application for an optimization of environmental impact, structural resistance, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance.

Being an offsite industrialized building system, Pureblok is a panelised system, based on modular elements that are assembled in the construction site, including windows and doors, reducing shippping and labour costs.

A “Fit-your-choice”-type of construction suitable to almost any design or architectural project, from classic to modern, while allowing repeatable units in volume numbers featuring integrated, adaptable and sustainable design and delivered in a time-cost-effective way.

Pureblok’s system integrates the latest developments in modular construction and continuously invests in R&D to evolve to a more sustainable solution, eco- efficient and with no polluting materials.

Currently we have different CM 1R&D projects, being one of the most important that with the CSIC (the biggest national research council in Spain and the third largest in Europe) for the development of a house with almost zero energy consumption and sustainable.

Modular construction is increasingly being accepted as a viable building method that addresses the most common challenges of traditional construction processes without compromising on quality, strength or performance.

Traditional construction is not only labor and cost-intensive but also presents multiple risks in terms of project deliverability, cost deviations, safety, productivity and supply chain efficiencies.

Modular building brings innovation to the construction market due to:

  • Economical & Fixed Cost – An excellent price-quality ratio assuring a zero-budget deviation, ensuring project cost certainty
  • Eco-sustainable – Excellent thermal insulation, providing excellent comfort level for users and complying with World 2020 targets for CO2 emissions
  • Quick & clean construction – Significant reduction in project time with less labour and less environmental impact during construction. Up to 80 percent less site activity, minimizing the impact of disruptions and bad weather, maximizing safety and ensuring guaranteed timelines
  • Massive material production – Industrialized materials, sanctions large-scale projects and assures a standardized quality, as well as consistency in construction to meet project performance and compliance.
  • International Certifications – Quality materials assure resistance to external agents and a long lasting life, complying with the most strict international regulations.
  • Full modular system – Enables a wide range of versatile construction solutions adapted to the specific designs of each project, from classic to modern and all sort of buildings.
  • Purever has developed important projects for high-end housing, social housing, health centers, residential buildings and services buildings all based in our modular building technology in countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Ecuador, Brazil, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Angola, Mozambique and Equatorial Guinea. Other projects, in other countries, are now under development.

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