• 1988 ColdKit Spain is born.
  • 1991 ColdKit Iberica is found under the name of Dagard Iberica.
  • 2001 Purever Group is born: Spain, Portugal and Brazil.
  • 2005 ColdKit France is set up. Portiso France is purchased.
  • 2006 Portiso Iberica (Spain) is set up, as long as a ColdKit UK.
  • 2007 Investment in a new PAP factory (Spain).
  • 2009 Acquisition of Friemo and Coolblok (Portugal).
  • 2010 Purever Tech starts its activity in clean rooms. Purever sell’s Isoblock in Brazil.
  • 2011 Getam Group (France) is purchased.
  • 2012 ColdKit France and Getam Group merge, giving origin to ColdKit Getam.
  • 2014 Coldkit Getam buys Getam Portes.
  • 2015 Purever Tech France is constituted.
  • In 2016, Grupo Purever underwent some restructuring, leading to the reduction of the number of companies per country.

It all started in 1988 when ColdKit was founded in Spain by Disco Group and later integrated in the Dagard Group. In 1991, three years later, Dagard sets up a facotry in Portugal in a JV with Sonae Group.

In July 2001 Purever was born, becoming part of the Dagard companies that are established in the Iberian Peninsula and South America.

Then came the South American development of the French Dagard Group (Brazil, Argentina) until its splitting in July 2001, when an MBO on the Dagard companies in the Iberian Peninsula and South America, led to the foundation of the Purever Group.

First, with Venture Capital and later with private financial support, Purever set up a new strategy, particularly from 2005 onwards to develop strong positions in Catering Business Equipment and in the insulation & refrigeration markets.

Decentralized logistics and commercial operations led to the set-up of ColdKit France and ColdKit UK. Then, a prestigious French industrial insulation doors manifacturer (Portiso France) was purchased and Purever developed this new trademark with Portiso Iberica in Spain and new door plant in Portugal. Now a new Portiso has been established in the UK and products have been licensed in other countries.

In 2009, a new qualitative leap for the Group took place with the acquisition of Friemo and Coolblok, both Portuguese companies, which have a significant market share and important know-how. Thus, the supply of products for hotels and restaurants is now more complete.

Purever Tech is founded in 2010 as a response to the market needs of highly experienced companies within the Clean Room sector. The Clean Room division now turns into a company itself, with offices in Spain and Portugal, over 20 years of experience and projects in more than 10 countries. Also in 2010 Purever gets out of Brazil selling its shares in MBP Isoblock

In 2011 the Getam Group (France) is incorporated and in 2012 Coldkit France and Getam merge in Coldkit Getam

In 2014, Purever reinforces its position in the French market buying Getam Portes and in 2015 creates Purever Tech France in JV with French Group Climascience.

In 2016, Purever restructured its holdings by integrating its companies:

  • In Portugal: Purever Industrial Solutions (an industrial unit in Nelas, Viseu); Purever Catering Equipment (Pedroso, Porto)
  • In the United Kingdom: Purever UK