Agro-Food Industry and Logistics


Purever Group has extensive experience in the manufacture & supply of solutions for the agrifood industry, providing separate products (doors, panels and accessories) and complete cooling solutions for factories, warehouses, clean rooms, logistics, etc.

Being an important and renowned player in this sector, ColdKit has PAP (a factory which produces industrial & refrigeration panels), which together with Portiso (manufacturer of insulated doors for industrial purposes, also belonging to the Group) are synonymous of high quality, innovative solutions, wide range of customization possibilities, durable construction, robust and reliable products.

Purever also plays an important role in the supermarket food chains and stores, supplying cooling equipment and stainless steel furniture.

The wide range of products produced by the several Purever companies has a focus on the food distribution chain, where the quality of the preserved and exposed product is under strict control.

We work to achieve the best functional and hygienic standards, capable of respecting the preservation of food products, along with a design touch. Our solutions are suitable for food retailers of all sizes according to the different requirements that they may have: preparation, preservation and display of food products.

Whether the need for professional equipment comes from a butcher, a fishmonger, a gourmet grocery store, or any other store or chain of food, Purever has the answer: a full range of products which suit all needs, including cold & freezer rooms, stainless steel furniture, neutral and refrigerated display cabinets, tables, shelves…

For companies involved in the food chain looking for a partner to supply their equipment, our factories can customize any of our products in a short period of time, taking into account the principles of modularity of our manufacturing processes. This feature, combined with the wide variety of design options, represents a perfect match for our products.

In addition to the catering equipment, Purever has a turn-key projects division (Purever Contract), which leads the development of any project related to our business areas. Learn more about what we can do for your project.

Purever has been operating internationally for two decades in more than 20 countries. See in which countries we have presence and contact us for possible business partnerships.